Small classes, personalized attention, and dedicated instructors will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Join our 2014 Biggest Losers with Sara Alderfer | Starts September 12th | 5:30pm

Losing weight is “simple”, but it isn’t easy. Let AFAA Certified “Biggest Loser Pro” Sara Alderfer use her expertise and experience to help you. Join her for this 6 week program geared towards weight loss. Support for nutrition, exercise, and behavior modification.Click to learn more.

Prenatal Yoga with Bethany Wichland | SIx-week series | Starts September 15th | 5:30–6:30pm

A 12 week series for women in any stage of their pregnancy. Specific exercises and practices will help strengthen the uterus and pelvic muscles, improve circulation, aid in digestion, and exercise the spine to increase overall comfort. Each class will end with a restorative sequence followed by an extended relaxation to reduce stress and rejuvenate the soul. To learn more or sign up click here.

Body & Soul Road Runners with Sara Alderfer | Starts September 26th | 9:00am

You have probably seen us running around town and having fun at local events. We are a group of runners with diverse abilities and goals all working towards running strong, happy, and injury free. We meet three times a week year round (Mon. 5:30 pm, Wed. 5:30 am, Friday at 9 am). Our first meeting for new runners will be September 26th at 9 am. To learn more click here. or call the studio at (603) 903-4252

TRX STRONG with Sara Alderfer | Six-week series | Starts October 1st | 5:30–6:30pm

When is a lunge not a lunge? When it's a TRX lunge! (And it helps if you have two highly qualified TRX coaches working with you.) Sara and Shannon have both been through advanced TRX training to be able to lead these workouts designed to challenge those who want to get stronger and build more lean muscle. To learn more or sign up click here.

Basic TRX and RIP Training with Brooks Seaman | Six-week series | Starts October 2nd | 5:30–6:45am

This 6 week series is designed to introduce and progress students unfamiliar with TRX and RIP training principles. In a small, individualized group setting, students will learn a functional approach to exercise, getting stronger and more flexible. This program is appropriate for participants of all ages, abilities and goals. To learn more or sign up click here.